Maximum Personal Protection

The Facts Speak For Themselves

Founded in 1965, ITL has over half a century’s worth of experience manufacturing quality insulated tools to the highest possible standard.

Our extensive range covers everything from spanners, torque tools and screwdrivers. We draw on our wealth of experience and expertise to make sure we supply customers with the longest lasting, hardest wearing and safest insulated tools in the world.

Lifetime Warranty on tool and insulation.

ITL is the only manufacturer to insulate its tools with Nylon Thermoplastic.

The strength of our insulation means it will never wear out, giving years of use from your tool which saves on cost and improves time effectiveness.

Tool and insulation bond as one

Higher tool to insulation integrity.

Our manufacturing process means the tool and insulation virtually bond as one, resulting in higher tool and insulation integrity.

Longer tool life and increased cost effectiveness.

Unique Nylon Thermoplastic injection moulding process.

Increases tool safety and durability.

The unique Nylon Thermoplastic injection moulding process leads to a stronger, tougher and safer insulated tool than a PVC dipped or sleeved product.

IEC 60900:2018 including Category "C"

ITL tools are accredited to International Standard IEC60900 including Category “C”. We go above and beyond when it comes to testing our tools giving you maximum personal protection.

Always Innovating

Working with our customers we are constantly designing and producing new and innovative products.

We have over half a century worth of expertise in making the longest lasting, hardest wearing and safest insulated hand tools.