ITL Innovation

Along with ITL’s core range, which has been selling since the 1960’s, every year we launch our new products from our portfolio of ideas and collaborations, ensuring the market has a solution for any job.

Unleashing our innovation potential

We work with the best in the industry, as well as our own impressive design engineers, who constantly strive to improve on what we, or others, create. 

For nearly 60 years, our partners and customers have placed the maximum demands on our products with regards to material, design, manufacturing, precision, strength and durability. With this, we continue to define ourselves as the company who makes the best, safest and most robust insulated hand tools globally, allowing people all over the world to work safely and productively. 

Link Boxes Project

The Issue

Link boxes, also known as low voltage network boxes, are the linchpins of the electrical distribution network.

As our demand for electricity increases, DNO’s are under increasing pressure to keep power outages to a minimum and maintain a reputation for reliable supply. They use link boxes as switching points, allowing electricity to be rerouted in the event of a cable fault. This ability to electrify and de-electrify parts of the distribution network is essential. 

Our Solution

At ITL we have been at the forefront of coming up with bespoke solutions for link box maintenance. Many link boxes in urban areas date from early 20th century and have features that present challenges to engineers, such as difficult to access links, obscure gauge sizes (eg 1/2″ Whitworth) and archaic link housing. We have developed solutions for all these and more. 

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